Can Nani be called a Natural Star at least now?

 andhrapradesh | Written by : Suryaa Desk Updated: Fri, Feb 10, 2017, 05:38 PM

Hyderabad Feb 10 : There are few people who resort to flattery. Even before the release of their film, they use a title before the name of the protagonist. However, most of such titles are being given for sons of thespians, who have made their debut into the film industry. But, those who work hard and prove themselves to be good actors get such accolades a little later in their career.

It was well aware that Chiranjeevi was given several titles from Supreme hero to Mega Star. Raviteja too got one such title like ‘Mass Maharaja’. After working in several films and took his market to the level of Rs 25 crore on his own, Raviteja had got this title.Till recently Nani was being referred to as Natural Star Nani. As many of his films are back to back hits, he is naturally called natural star. His fans in particular and the audiences in general admit that the title would best suit Raviteja. In fact, he earned such this name with many such films.

However good the film is, the hero of the film should be called a star when he gets good openings and lot of personal image. His latest film ‘Nenu Local’ earned good records. After ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ movie, all his films are super hits. However, he fails go get good openings. The film started getting good revenue after word of mouth.

Now, Nani had achieved that rare feat and collected Rs 22 crore share in the first five days. This proves the greatness of Nani and the title Natural Star could be conferred on Nani. At present, he had accepted several offers. He signed the dotted line for Gita Arts, UV Creations, Ashwini Dutt daughters’ banner, 14 reels and Dil Raju’s banner. Let us patiently wait for the shooting and releases of all these films.

On the one hand Nani is turning directors as star directors but doesn’t want to take the risk with producers. The role of Dil Raju in the success of ‘Nenu Local’ is very prominent as he gave wide publicity before the release of the movie.